Octopus Pie North American Tour!

I'm pleased to announce I will be touring over much of the US and a teeny bit of Canada this summer + early fall! I will be touring with Mike Holmes, who will be promoting his wonderful Secret Coders series. Here are the confirmed dates so far, with more in-store events on the way!

7/7 - Charlottesville, VA - Telegraph Art & Comics - Facebook event page here!
7/22+23 - San Diego, CA - San Diego Comic Con
8/13 - Dartmouth, NS - Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival
9/11+12 - Bethesda, MD - Small Press Expo
9/30 + 10/1 - Comumblus, OH - Cartoon Crossroads Columbus

Currently, tour dates are in the works for: New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Chicago! I will keep updating this post as a master list of events. Check back soon.

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